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Investing for your future

The smart way to grow your money with Sharia-compliant portfolios

What is Boubyan Invest?

Whether you are saving for retirement, a house or a future goal, Boubyan Invest is your first step towards efficient and accessible investing. As your smart investment manager, we partner with our clients to provide a simple and low-cost way to grow wealth through intelligent portfolios comprised of diversified, Sharia-compliant funds.

Boubyan Invest is a digital investment tool created by Boubyan Capital, designed for people who are looking to build a smart portfolio. As the investment arm of Boubyan Bank, Boubyan Capital is a Sharia-compliant investment management company based in Kuwait.

  • Diversified, low-maintenance portfolios
    Built according to your preferences
  • Expert advisors
    To help you meet your goals
  • Low fees
    Designed to maximize your investment

How it works?

Invest in an intelligent portfolio of Sharia-compliant funds that is designed to meet your financial goals.

  • Personalized portfolios
    Enjoy a custom portfolio based on your financial goals and your risk tolerance. We invest your money across the entire stock market through a variety of Sharia-compliant funds.
  • Low fees, zero hassle
    We invest your money across a global market of diversified funds so that you can rest easy about your future and focus on the present.
  • Easy access
    Manage your accounts anywhere, anytime with Boubyan Invest’s website and mobile app. Whether you want to set up an auto-deposit or simply check on the status of your investment, your future is always at your fingertips.
  • Achieve your goals
    Whether you're saving for your first home, retirement, or a future goal, our investment team will oversee everything from building your financial plan to managing your investments. Simply let us know your financial aspirations, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Why Boubyan Invest?

Whether you are new to investing or have some experience, Boubyan Invest is designed to make investing that much easier.

  • Dividend reinvesting
    Earn more from your stock dividends, which are automatically reinvested into your portfolio.
  • Automatic rebalancing
    Market shift? No problem! With our automatic rebalancing feature, your portfolio is automatically rebalanced every quarter.
  • Auto-deposits
    Opt for automatic contributions to maximize your investment.
  • Sharia-compliant funds
    Start investing with Sharia-compliant products.
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Our commitment to Sharia compliance

Boubyan Invest is committed to Sharia compliance, with investment portfolios comprised solely of companies that are in line with Islamic principles of investing. By investing your money in intelligent portfolios comprised solely of Sharia-compliant products, we can ensure you will always be investing according to your values.

Start investing
A low-cost, transparent fee structure.
Our account minimum is $5,000, and we charge a simple annual fee based on your account balance.
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What are Boubyan Invest fees ?
At Boubyan Invest, we pride ourselves on our low fee structure, aiming to keep our fees as simple and transparent as possible.
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